SEM = Search Engine Marketing.
The irony is, for most of the industry, the word “marketing” was not fully understood.


Have you ever done Google Advertising before?

Yes, there is good ROIYes, but ROI is poorYes, but its an absolute waste of moneyNo

What is the monthly advertising budget you are comfortable with, to spend on generating leads from Google Ads?

500 SGD /mth1000 SGD /mth2500 SGD /mth5000 SGD /mth10000 SGD /mth>10000 SGD /mth

What is the average spending per customer?

This is required so that we can determine if we can generate any Return On Investment. If your earnings from per customer is too low, it may not make sense to spend X amount of advertising dollars for the customer.

< 30 SGD per customer30 - 100 SGD per customer100 - 500 SGD per customer500 - 1000 SGD per customer>1000 SGD per customer

Are your customers recurring or do they usually only make one purchase per customer lifetime?

Most of our customers will makes multiple repeat purchasesHistorically, only a few would be recurring.No, my customers usually are one off.


Position / Designation



Contact Number

Additional Message

How does Joji’s SEM / Google Advertising service charge?
We charge a quarterly (3 months) retainer service at 350 SGD per month* (subjected to terms and conditions) and a 10% cut on the amount of advertising budget allocated.
Payment Schedule.
Retainers payment are to be paid before the start of the new retainer cycle.
How fast will we get to see the result?
For Google Ads, upon setting it up, you would start to see significant increase in visitorship to your website within a week.
What happen if I decided to end the SEM campaign after the end of the retainer cycle?
The advertising campaign run until the last day of the retainer cycle. Remaining money in the advertising budget will be transferred back to your bank account.
What is the recommended advertising budget?
Typically, we recommend allocating 3000 SGD as the standing advertising budget, apart from the retainer fees. Given our typical utilised strategy, this amount could last up to even 6 months. Depends greatly on the agree strategy and daily advertising cap.