A powerful event or marketing campaign requires a strong and consistent concept to follow through from beginning to the end.

So its not enough to just get random freelancers or designers to do up ad hoc materials here and there, but a single team that maintain the same brand message seamlessly.

Full Campaign Conceptualisation and Design


Full Campaign Conceptualisation and Design
Full Campaign Conceptualisation

If you require a stunning concept to headline your event, or to set your promotional campaign apart from your competitors ; then we have what you need.

Develop a main concept that all the promotional materials / media will be based on create a strong brand recognition and design consistency, allowing the entire campaign to achieve better results than uncoordinated ad hoc design works.

- conceptualisation, design & final artwork
- max concepts per revision: 3
- max number of revisions: 5
- 1 main campaign concept visual
- art direction for photography (if required)
- Typical Turnaround: 4 weeks
- Payment: 100% upfront
- add. main campaign concepts at $1500 each (must be for the same campaign)
Ongoing Campaign Design Services

50% off ala carte cost
Once you have a powerful main concept to headline your campaign, you will now need to proceed to apply the concept across all media, above and below the line.

Continue working with Joji, means that you would be able to save massively, when you translate concept to print.

Being the agency to have created the concept, would also mean the more true to concept translation of the message to each and every media accurately and loyally.

- for print media and social media graphics
- not applicable for sem, seo, advisory or website design
- discount limited only to only the design work created for the same campaign as the full campaign conceptualisation is developed for
- Payment: 100% every end of month
Corporate Identity / Branding
Microsite Design & Development
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM)