SEM when done right, is not just "advertisement", but it will become a cost efficient lead generation system that you always dream of.

SEM can also be used effectively as a tool to determine if a product / service have a market, and if the customers actually would be willing to pay for it.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Google Advertising Retainer
Website Report
Google Advertising Retainer

$350 /mth
If you are looking for an automated lead generation system: then Joji's google advertising retainer one of the best options around.

Joji's google advertising service employs both the attrition strategy and the wide cast strategy that maximises returns at minimal cost.

- monthly management & adjustments
- limited to 1 target market
- allows change of daily budget when required
- monthly SEM report
- not inclusive of advertising budget
- Retainer Cycle : 6 months
- Payment: 100% upfront before retainer start
Website SEO Report

$150 /mth
Have you been wondering how your website had been doing, and how well had your marketing campaigns been doing in driving curiosity and traffic to your website?

Joji's Website SEO Reports contains all the vital information that displays the health of the website, and by extension, the health of the business.

- monthly report of all the major statistics
- analysis report interpreting the statistics
- Retainer Cycle : 6 months
- Payment: 100% upfront before retainer start
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