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Is there such thing as a "unrank-able" website?
There are indeed some websites that may never even get ranked at all (when we say get ranked, we mean the top 50 search results / ranked on the first 5 pages), due to low search volumes or trying to get rank something that is relatively unknown/irrelevant onto a highly competed keyword. We will advise accordingly on a case by case basis.
Can you guarantee that we can rank on the first page of Google for the targeted keyword?
The fact of the matter is, that we cannot guarantee such results or claims. As every keyword is competed by different companies/organisation/websites - the market competition, type of keyword, which country's google search you want to rank and your website's design all plays interconnected parts to a greater whole.
If you cannot guarantee first page results, then why use you?
There are only 10 spots on first page, if there are more than 10 companies vying for that 10 spots, someone is definitely not going to get ranked. Further more, powerful websites like Wikipedia, Youtube, etc... usually are always going to get ranked for relevancy in the top 10, further diminishing the number of available spots for competition.

However, by working with us, there is always the opportunity to get ranked like our past clients whom had gotten even top 3 spots for some of their vital keywords, with one of them even ranked on page 1 in the world(
How fast does it take to rank on the first page of Google for the targeted keyword?
Traction Content Strategy is a long term investment for your company. Results had came as soon as 1 month, some took 6 months or others had taken over a year to get to first page. But who says it is easy to dominate a market segment?

Like in real life business, market segment dominance on Google Search is not an easy thing to accomplish, and some heavily competed market segments would seem almost impossible to penetrate to the first page. But just like in real life, some times it may be extremely difficult or even impossible to get ranked on some keywords or for some websites.

So we want to set the expectations right, and ensuring our clients do not expect a magic bullet situation.
You mentioned market segments, what do you mean?
We look at Google like the congregation of the entire market, in which you can find every market segment in it. Every keyword on Google have its own unique search result, and each of the keyword's results represents a market segment or angle that is to be conquered.

And example of how fragmented the market is on Google: "Tour Singapore" generates a different search results from "Singapore Tour", so is "Singapore Tour" vs "Singapore Tours".
If that is the case, wouldn't it be very costly to "conquer" every "market segment" on Google?
Yes, that is why, in every Traction Content Strategic Initiative, we would have marketing discussion on what are the target market segment that is most valuable or vital to the company. And we will then decide upon the angles we want to take to start attacking the market segment.
This sounds like a really difficult and expensive thing to do...
Yes, which is why we never want to put it across as any form of promise that you will get the first page of google like so many other companies do. (in fact if you google your own company name in full, most likely, you are already on the first page of google!)
Then what is the difference between you and other SEO companies?
The key difference is accountability. Joji always continue to work with our clients to gradually build up dominance across the entire market segment as opposed to promising a quick fix for a large sum of money (which from conversations with our clients whom had worked with some other SEO vendors - these companies had delivered literally nothing, some not even a report for the huge amount of money invested).

Our service is built using an consultative arrangement, on an retainer basis - ensuring that you are able to procure our continual presence to monitor, analyse, report and improve with your website and your search ranking alongside your business team across an extended time frame to create the results we are seeking.
I feel insecure about spending on SEO.
This is why for Traction Content Strategy, you are never paying a massive amount of money for things that you cannot account for. Every service that is provided is priced fairly and its purpose clearly articulated.

And while Traction Content Strategy is usually recommended to done on a monthly continuous basis - you are always free to halt the renewal of our service, so to take stock and regroup or simply to wait to see the results of the work that we had done thus far, to take shape - before investing more money to build the foundations to conquer more keywords.
Would my acquired rankings drops if I stop working with you?
The quick answer is no - whatever ranking that we had managed to build up, would not be affected by any pause or ending of us working together. However, rankings of website depends on many factors, including relevancy to search result, website's design & user experience as well as appearance of new competition for the keyword. But typically, if the website represent huge relevancy for most users, your ranking will be secured with or without active participation of us on a continual basis.
Would there be Return On Investment (ROI) if we do the Traction Content Strategy?
Like all strategy, there is a need for good appraisal of how much we can get out of the "system" through the use of the strategy versus how much resources is required to be invested in the execution of the strategy.

Vital elements for considerations includes: search volumes for your target market segment, relevancy of your website to the keyword you are trying to fight for, the average spending of each new customers over the lifetime as well as the difficulty to get ranked, among others.